Product Allergy

ALUDRA™ products are made mainly with natural ingredients that may least likely be harmful to the skin.

There are of course instances whereby the product may contribute to the harming of the skin, such as skin allergies. The allergy of the skin that may be caused by some of the possible allergens in the products that can cause reactions such as redness, rash or itchiness after application.

It is recommended for the users of the ALUDRA™ skin care products to identify the allergens that may cause harmful reactions to their respective skins. The ingredients of the products are stated on each of the product labels.

If users are not sure whether they may be allergic to the ingredients, please make sure to conduct a product allergy test as shown in the ALUDRA™ Product Allergy Test Guide.

Click the Image to go to the ALUDRA™ Product Allergy Test Guide

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