Our Skin Care

The ALUDRA™ skin care range is in consist of four facial care products which are:

  • ALUDRA™ Nourishing Cleansing Cream

  • ALUDRA™ Hydrating Treatment Serum

  • ALUDRA™ Revitalizing Day Cream

  • ALUDRA™ Rejuvenating Night Cream

Why choose ALUDRA™ Skin Care?

We believe that personal skin care plays quite an important role in proper self-care. ALUDRA™ skin care products contain natural main ingredients that are found predominantly in the Borneo Island, such as the Borneo Swiftlet Nest extract, Virgin Coconut Emulsion (VCE, water-based and non-oily) and Lemon Extract.

These ingredients have been found effective to fight the signs of skin ageing, at the same time gently treating damaged skin cells.

Researchers have found that the Borneo Swiftlet Nest extract is rich with nutri-collagen and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). These components of the ingredient assist with the maintenance of skin elasticity and the repairing of damaged skins effectively.

The Virgin Coconut Emulsion (VCE) acts as a nourishing agent that hydrates and moisturises skins, whilst Lemon Extract contains Vitamin C that encourages skin healing and boosts the natural skin renewing process.

These ingredients are also known to altogether neutralise free radicals (that harms the skin in the long run) and helps reduce skin damage and premature skin-ageing.

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